Inpainting with coherency sensitive hashing

Coherency Sensitive Hashing (CSH) is a method to find corresponding patches between images quickly. It was introduced at this year’s ICCV. Since the authors have made their source code available, I decided to spend Sunday afternoon to play a little with their code.

Since there is no inpainting experiments in their paper and I could not find any example code for inpainting with PatchMatch either, I decided to implement this. The result was a Matlab function, which, given an RGB image and a mask, tries to fill the region specified by the mask with content from the rest of the image.


My source code is available on Github.

The results are not quite as good as shift-map inpainting, which we have implemented before.


4 Responses to Inpainting with coherency sensitive hashing

  1. Rayan says:

    I was recently interested in inpainting and stumbled on this blog post. Awesome work, Petter, thanks for releasing your code publicly!

  2. fli10 says:

    Thanks for sharing the code. It helps me write my code using CSH.

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