Graph cuts in nVidia’s NPP toolbox (imageSegmentationNPP)

Note: This post has been updated after I received some help from nVidia’s Timo Stich. It turned out that some weights have to be set to zero; otherwise, CUDA gives an incorrect answer.

Today, I downloaded the latest version of nVidia’s CUDA to try out the graph cut segmentation present in NPP.

There is an example called “imageSegmentationNPP” which solves a two-dimensional (4-connected) problem. These are the results I got:

GPU: 84 ms.
CPU (GridCut): 24 ms.

The only thing I had to write myself were a small wrapper function to add GridCut to nVidia’s example. Both methods gave exactly the same solution and objective function value, so my  wrapper seems correct.

My computer has neither a fast GPU nor a fast CPU, which makes comparison difficult. Instead, I tried a more interesting experiment. The original example by nVidia has a very low amount of regularization, so I increased the regularization:

GPU: 84 ms. 
CPU (GridCut): 31 ms.

And even more:
GPU: 145 ms. 
CPU (GridCut): 103 ms.

CUDA presumably uses push-relabel and GridCut uses augmenting paths. Now, the next step for me is to find a better GPU than the GTS 250 I have been using…


3 Responses to Graph cuts in nVidia’s NPP toolbox (imageSegmentationNPP)

  1. Good to know, thanks for posting this.

  2. Petter says:

    After receiving support from Nvidia, I now got their code to work properly. The implementation assumes that some edge weights are set to zero.

  3. There is a danger with Cuda benchmarks and it is not clear to me if you are aware of it. The setup time and the time copying the data to the GPU usually swamps any perfomance gain. So to test maybe upload a few different images to the GPU and call the npp graph cut a couple of times and then have a look with the nvidia visual profiler what the timings are.

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